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Follow-up testing and notification of anti-HIV Western blot atypical (indeterminant) donors.
QRT-PCR analysis showed that treatment with antagonistic PCBs reduced the expression of genes encoding key metabolic enzymes in human cells, confirming the results of the activation assays and Northern blots.
A reference to the idea of "aufgeraumt"--cleaned up, or blithe--was also present in Lienbacher's exhibition at Krinzinger, in an image of a girlish figure somersaulting into a paint blot. Yet another aspect of the ideal body is addressed here: eroticism.
* Attaching the DNA to the support (called a blot at this point)
Eric Roman, General Manager of Research & Applied Markets, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, commented: Every life scientist has probably carried out a Western blot at some time in their career, and tens of thousands still do every week.
This was true whether the Southern blots were analyzed by scanning densitometry of autoradiographs or by a PhosphorImager (patient 4).
In terms of style, it fluctuates between a Rorschach blot, a kind of adolescent cartoonlike scrawl, and an almost medieval grotesqueness that recalls Pieter Bruegel's drunk and tormented peasants.
The blots were quantitatively evaluated using a Typhoon 8600 imaging system (Molecular Dynamics).
These side-by-side blots validate the use of synthetically generated PCR products with a base substitution as positive controls for ASO/dot blotting protocols.
The system offers superior imaging capabilities with wide dynamic range and high sensitivity, enhancing the ability to detect and qualify strong and weak samples on the same blot. It features direct detection for a variety of applications, including Western and Southern blots and protein and DNA gels.
Blots were dried and fixed in 25% isopropanol, 10% acetic acid, and 65% water, incubated for 5 min in Tris-buffered saline (200 mM NaCl, 50 mM Tris, 0.002% Na[N.sub.3], pH 7.4) and treated for 1 hr with a blocking solution of 0.5% gelatin (EIA grade; Bio-Rad) in Tris-buffered saline.