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Our corporate culture is one of fowl-minded delinquency, with a chorus of goose and duck calls driving the rest of the staff nuts late every day as we blow off steam, fantasizing about fall like the Freddy Zink wannabes we are.
In many ways, both he and Metters say, such endurance training has become the "new golf," the latest way high-powered chief executives blow off steam from hectic workdays.
Some of it is to blow off steam, but much of it is to learn what others have tried or don't understand.
They are places apart from classrooms for kids to stretch muscles, form friendships, share thoughts, blow off steam.
It is necessary to let them blow off steam in accordance with the law and accepted norms.
New and seasoned teachers need guidance, tips and ways to blow off steam.
You've needed to blow off steam and this week sees you doing what others only dream.
However, most fans have to blow off steam in one form or another.
To blow off steam, kids in the residential unit have access to a flat screen TV with a collection of movies, foosball and board games, and a piano, and outside are a basketball court, a covered patio (formerly the bank's drive-through area), and a stage with bleachers (formerly the loading dock).
IT'S good to blow off steam if you're angry but staying calm often has more impact as it encourages the other person to listen to what you have to say.
Many high-stress professions have initiation rituals for newcomers and use hazing and pranks as a way to blow off steam and bind a community, experts say.
To correspond about any editorial matters, pass along hot audio gossip, put us on your mailing list, or just blow off steam, please write KWN directly at 9775 Mills Road, Ostrander, OH 43061.