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Blow-outs were not regular occurrences but not uncommon either, he said, and were a part of the mining process when naturally-formed gas escaped.
Watts said: ``Drivers know that blow-outs are a rarity these days but few people will be comfortable if the option to change a wheel is not available to them.
Eaves suffered two blow-outs in the 15-lap opener while Soper lurched into an understeer slide at Church and was stranded with a jammed throttle.
It's possible that we can have blow-outs here," Paul Hood, a Qatar-based executive at Maersk Oil told Reuters on the sidelines of an energy conference in Manama.
We have had games recently that I thought would have been close and have been complete blow-outs.
However, the 23-year-old Londoner has shown aggression and style in his three subsequent fights, with Saturday night's third-round stoppage of Ally Morrison following two first-round blow-outs.
The official attributed the accidents to poor attitude of road users, misjudgment of distance between vehicles, tyre blow-outs and ignoring checking the road among other causes.
The main causes of road traffic collisions tend to be driving at speed, not slowing down on wet roads, poor car maintenance, tyre blow-outs, driving under the influence of drink and drugs and a lack of concentration.
Impact with pothole edges or sunken grates can cause severe tyre damage which could lead to dangerous blow-outs on the road.
Under-inflation compounds this, causing friction and added heat which can prove too much for weak spots, causing punctures and blow-outs.