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Another new for an art exhibition is that blow-ups of most of the art works will be displayed at various hotspots and metro stations.
The Celtic manager said: "I actually think dressing-room blow-ups can be a good thing from time to time.
After fitness problems, a series of injuries and costly engine blow-ups he admitted he was thinking of quitting before Bears promoter Brian Havelock snapped him up following his release by Glasgow.
Hellmuth, known to many as the "Poker Brat" for his nationally televised blow-ups that include lines such as "You can't even spell 'poker,' " landed in Eugene on his Tour Across America.
The show has so many different surfaces, there's something for someone who just wants to come and have a good time and look at the colours and the blow-ups, but for people who have a little more insight, if you care to look through the surface, like the Mary Ellen Mark photographs and I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues to the beautiful dancing in Believe, to the domestic violence scene in Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, there's more there.
For the FADER 60 Spring Style issue release party we took over an empty gallery on Spring Street, hung up photo blow-ups from previous fashion stories and brought in New Jersey's Brick Bandits to play a heavy selection of classics (and that one Marilyn Manson song).
He possesses half of the chips in play at one point, only to turn kamikaze and perform one of the biggest blow-ups in recent poker history, eliminating himself in fourth position for a EUR600,000 payday.
The Studio 8 show, with umpteen dress changes and back-stage blow-ups, was a "crazy" affair, she says.
Her disappointments have led to a series of blow-ups, damaging her relationships and her business.
Basically, they should be likened to "B" movie artists who are judged by the number of car crashes, blow-ups and the amount of brain matter spattered around by bullets.
This book is exquisitely produced and an eye for detail is shared with the viewer in large blow-ups that begin each chapter.