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On Public Procurement, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "ZZVZ") and in accordance with the Supplier Selection Rules as part of the project "Complex Development Center for Blowed Products and Technical "Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness", Potential, Call I.
The best yarn of all was one we had on the Retirement: we were then informed that a huge Russian army had invaded Germany and surrounded Berlin, giving the German Government twenty-four hours in which to accept their terms, failing which Berlin would be blowed to bits.
And it's like, "Oh, dang, this song blowed up for real?
John Adams, who witnessed Napoleon's rise and fall, should be allowed the final word on this unparalleled historic figure--"a whirlwind raised him and a whirlwind blowed him away to St.
Well I'll Be Blowed has met at four different venues over the years and is grateful to Age UK for providing the current room they use.
Supernatant was obtained by transfer culture supernatant to a new collecting tube directly; washed the adherent cells three times with Hank's Balanced Salt solution(GibcoUSA)quickly blowed well after adding 1ml Triton X-100(1%) into each well centrifuged 15 minutes at 2000rpm the supernatant was the sample of cell lysate.
Now when China is rising, East Asia has dedicated its energy for regional cooperation, Central Asia is pacing the speed of more engagement, India is trying level best to keep itself busy with the neigboring countries' positive gestures, so the kind of contacts and cry of regional integration has blowed Pakistan in a right direction towards the Asian states.
As the entire family couldn't camp in front of the phone for what might turn out to be three days, we'd opt for Lightning, economy be blowed.
I shonna ha'e my ribs blowed out o' my sides wi' that draught, for nob'dy
IT'S A GAS: Girls and, right, canister NIGHT OFF: Michelle out with her Max AIR WE GO: She inhales for a 'high' AGAIN: Grinning as she keeps it up NEARLY GONE: Taking a last gasp BLOWED IF I CARE Michelle puts a balloon full of nitrous oxide to her lips in club
It gets blowed over with leaves sometimes so's you kinda can't see it, but ever'body knows it's there and skirts around it, 'cept for that fella who came visitin' last spring, and .
BULLY: Well--I'm blowed if that an't like a brick after all--so look you--as this is a good haul--and I've got a five pound flimsy here--put it in your pocket old feller, and when you have got another 10,000 [pounds sterling]