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Blowholes are dependent on weather: air temperature and pressure interact to create the stunning effects when air travels from higher to lower density.
Unlike other baleen whales, the two blowholes on right whales are widely separated, causing their spouts to be seen as two distinct sprays.
There is another whale blowing water out of the blowhole on its back.
While we don't have blowholes, we do share a number of traits with humpback whales: we are warm blooded, breathe air, give birth to and nurse' live young.
During birth, the tail emerges first and the blowhole comes out last, thus protecting the newborn from inhaling too much water.
The whale spouted water from its blowhole and moved its caudal fin when officials and volunteers resumed their attempts to save it shortly before 7 a.
Spouting: when a whale breathes through its blowhole on the surface of the water
That tall, white cloudis a humpback whale's breath blasting out of the animal's blowhole.
She scooped up some water with her bucket and plashed it over him, being careful not to get any in his blowhole.
Half-day, mile-long introduction ($48) departs from Kukuiula Harbor, goes past Spouting Horn blowhole, and includes a 2-hour beach stop at scenic Lawai Bay.