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The wind was blowing on our left before, but now it is straight in my face.
A brisk wind was blowing into the cove, and though the water was calm, rapid work was required to get us safely out.
It impressed one with its sullen determination to blow, and blow harder, and keep on blowing.
While running away from the wind I had not appreciated its force, but when we ceased to run I learned to my sorrow, and well-nigh to my despair, how fiercely it was really blowing.
After breakfast next morning, when I had hoisted Wolf Larsen's body on deck ready for burial, it was still blowing heavily and a large sea was running.
Thursday, October 2--Session M: Blowing agents: "Global blowing agent selection--the Foam Technical Options Committee's latest trend assessment," Paul Ashford, Caleb Management Services; "Enovate 3000 blowing agent blend technology for the global polyurethane spray foam industry," Jason Hoerter and Mary Bogdan, Honeywell; "Trans-1,2-dichloroethylene for improving fire performance of urethane foam," Kinhuang Wu and Chris Bertelo, Atofina Chemicals; "An analysis of localized blending vs.
This article takes a look at the research performed at GMPT to validate the new modeling system for coldbox sand core blowing.
Federal law requires trains to start blowing their horns a quarter-mile from a crossing to warn drivers and pedestrians.
To illustrate the cost savings, Sabin explains that blowing fiber from CNN's technical gear room on the 7th floor to the retail camera panels on the first floor took 2 installers only 17 minutes to complete the fiber installation.
Features: Linear configuration, modular heating and blowing sections for economy.
Industry issues sessions will address key regulatory and policy issues and market opportunities for the polyurethanes industry in chemical security, automotive, blowing agents, footwear and combustibility.
Custom-formulated concentrates for most thermoplastics can include a nontoxic blowing agent for food-contact applications and can contain color and other additives.