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4 : to make a sound or cause to sound by blowing <The whistle blows loudly.> <Blow your horn.>
Next month, the EPA is expected to publish such a recommendation based on a study that concluded that non-ODP blowing agents are readily available to allow for an earlier conversion in the remaining rigid foam sectors where HCFC-22 gained widespread use in the last three years.
At mid-latitudes, prevailing westerlies (examples shown below), travel from west to east while blowing toward Earth's poles, Dust from Asia that gets caught in this wind pattern journeys to the U.S.
This conference is dedicated to blowing agents and process technology for foamed plastics and rubber.
The effect of moisture in the blowing air on the mixed sand can have an detrimental effect on the operation of the core machine.
So the next time you have to get a shot, try "blowing away" your pain.
This article takes a look at the research performed at GMPT to validate the new modeling system for coldbox sand core blowing.
Features: Linear configuration, modular heating and blowing sections for economy.
Thursday, October 2--Session M: Blowing agents: "Global blowing agent selection--the Foam Technical Options Committee's latest trend assessment," Paul Ashford, Caleb Management Services; "Enovate 3000 blowing agent blend technology for the global polyurethane spray foam industry," Jason Hoerter and Mary Bogdan, Honeywell; "Trans-1,2-dichloroethylene for improving fire performance of urethane foam," Kinhuang Wu and Chris Bertelo, Atofina Chemicals; "An analysis of localized blending vs.
Custom-formulated concentrates for most thermoplastics can include a nontoxic blowing agent for food-contact applications and can contain color and other additives.
Industry issues sessions will address key regulatory and policy issues and market opportunities for the polyurethanes industry in chemical security, automotive, blowing agents, footwear and combustibility.
Then an other magnetic system ensures proper positioning for blowing (see illustration on p.