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"Down the road they have an extension on the back of their house and the flat roof had completely blown off, gone over the house into the front, hit a car and landed in the garden opposite.
Roof blown off campsite building A RECEPTION building has been left teetering on the brink of collapse after Storm Emma unleashed her wrath on Shell Island.
Customers at a supermarket in Bandar Baru Air Itam here ran helter-skelter to save themselves after the roof of the two-storey supermarket was blown off by a tornado yesterday.
The Manx shearwater, which was cared for by the RSPCA after it was blown off course, has been found four years after it was released - thousands of miles away in Brazil.
"She could have had her head blown off." " Up to three shots were fired by two masked men riding what police confirmed was a dark 'superbik',' which then accelerated away out of Gainford Road towards Colwell Road.
Hell With the Lid Blown Off provides a powerful mystery centered around family and community and is set in the summer of 1916, when a twister changes the town and kills one Jubal, a small-town gossip with a vicious tongue.
Belfast High Court was also told the victim was beaten and forced to give details on others operating in the West of the city amid threats of having his legs blown off.
A Little Bird Blown Off Course Tron Theatre, Glasgow 31.01.
According to reports, four people were blown off early morning while making bombs in paddy fields in two separate incidents (Satpalsa village and Raninagar village) in the Birbhum district.
An explosive charge had blown off against an American Army patrol close to Kut's central garage last Sunday, causing damage to vegetable and fruit shops, along with civilian cars.
Chancellor George Osborne: 'We won't be blown off course by one month of bad weather'
LANCASTER - Two walls were blown off and one of the oldest homes in the Ponakin Village section of town was destroyed in a propane explosion on New Year's Eve day.