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Dead leaves," I said to cheer her, "or a twig blown off the trees.
On the second night she shifted her ballast into the lee bow, and by that time we had been blown off somewhere on the Dogger Bank.
You needn't think it an unmanly or quizzical thing to be particular about your nightcap, for I have often heard your poor dear papa, and the Reverend Mr What's- his-name, who used to read prayers in that old church with the curious little steeple that the weathercock was blown off the night week before you were born,--I have often heard them say, that the young men at college are uncommonly particular about their nightcaps, and that the Oxford nightcaps are quite celebrated for their strength and goodness; so much so, indeed, that the young men never dream of going to bed without 'em, and I believe it's admitted on all hands that THEY know what's good, and don't coddle themselves.
The Manx shearwater, which was cared for by the RSPCA after it was blown off course, has been found four years after it was released - thousands of miles away in Brazil.
have had blown off Anyone with information can call the gun crime hotline on 0800 230 0600 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Hell With the Lid Blown Off provides a powerful mystery centered around family and community and is set in the summer of 1916, when a twister changes the town and kills one Jubal, a small-town gossip with a vicious tongue.
Belfast High Court was also told the victim was beaten and forced to give details on others operating in the West of the city amid threats of having his legs blown off.
A Little Bird Blown Off Course Tron Theatre, Glasgow 31.
An explosive charge had blown off against an American Army patrol close to Kut's central garage last Sunday, causing damage to vegetable and fruit shops, along with civilian cars.
Elaine Johnson of Styvechale, who was shopping with her mother, Connie Harban of Cheylesmore, said: "We were in Marks and Spencer when we heard a big bang and someone told us the sign had blown off the front of the building.
A school which was shut after part of its roof was blown off in high winds will reopen on Monday.
There, with the legacy of the Pol Pot regime, I found myself asking, 'If my legs were blown off by a landmine, would life still be a gift?