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Now, the molten glass will be attached to a stainless steel or iron rod called a punty for shaping and transferring the hollow piece from the blowpipe to provide an opening and to finalise the top.
But you can't take a piece of otherwise worthless rough and turn it into a gem using the blowpipe technique; with high-temperature heating you can.
The duties of the men here are simple: make huts (without roofs), make blowpipes, go hunting and mate.
In addition to a map, this pamphlet contained a summary of the historical influence of the Arab world on Venice since the sixteenth century, in terms not only of trade but also of cultural and scientific exchange--informing us, for example, that the blowpipe technique used by Venice's glassmakers was in fact invented in Palestine, and citing the incorporation of Arabic and Eastern stylistic codes into Venetian architecture.
Luxury hotels such as Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort and Nexus Resort Borneo Villas are popular, with golf, spas, horse-riding and blowpipe demos.
The H is designed for the HVAC, blowpipe, and OEM shops.
In the process, the glass bubble at the end of her blowpipe might be reheated as many as 50 times to keep the glass soft and pliable.
I met a local nomadic tribe who showed me how to make fire and how to use a poison dart blowpipe.
Maniq maintain the use of their traditional toolkit, including blowpipe and poison-tipped arrows, to hunt and gather, and trade in forest products, especially medicinal herbs and plants, for which there is a strong demand from lowlanders.
He creates colorful, imaginative objects our of glass by blowing air into a blowpipe.
Britain experimented with the Slam (Submarine-Launched Air Missile)--six Shorts Blowpipe missiles mounted in a container attached to the boat's sail--while the American solution was the Subads (SUBmarine Air-Defense System) version of the Siam (Self-Initiated Anti-aircraft Missile).
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