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PHOTO : The Shorts Javelin is an advanced derivative of the Blowpipe, which has been used
The Blowpipe was also used but owing to the inadequate training of the marksmen it yielded disappointing results.
Police think the pounds 25 blowpipe was bought two hours before the attacks on Saturday afternoon at a Cash X-change surplus store.
A recent Invest NI document listed its manufacture programs as including the Seacat, Blowpipe, Javelin, Starstreak and Hellfire missiles.
His meticulous research had already led to 40 blowpipe anti-aircraft missiles and six Stingers being bought back from Afghan commanders to stop them falling into al-Qaeda hands.
To make sure it did not, Britain supplied the Masud's mujahideen with Blowpipe hand-held anti-aircraft missiles used in the Falklands.
Tenders are invited for Manual Blowpipe For Cuttingnozzlemixing Typewith 3/64 Nm Type Three Seating Nozzle Conforming To Is 7653:1975 With Following Specifications And With Guarantee , Warranty Card.
There you can read of how Baki traded tobacco for rice across the hills in Sambas, how he learned how to hunt with a blowpipe, and how he solved the problem of no matches by observing a man with a fire-piston.
MI6 covertly supplied 100 Blowpipe missiles manufactured by Shorts of Belfast - the first modern Western weapons the rebels had ever used.
30 Musselburgh A relic from a more innocent and less digitally orientated age, a pea shooter is a toy version of the blowgun or blowpipe that launches its projectiles by blowing.
These work in tandem with a single, larger 150-liter XHV Air Cannon fitted to a split blowpipe manifold, which is connected to fan jet nozzles on the front sloping side of the bin.
e giant Malaysian orangutan weighed in at 130 lbs (60kg) and it took tranquilliser darts red by a zookeeper through a blowpipe, to subdue him before he could cause any further damage.