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3 : to send forth a strong stream of air from the mouth or from a bellows <If you are cold, blow on your hands.
Show-goers will see a range of new blow molding equipment that offers higher speeds, more cavitation, and faster changeovers.
During the Asian dust storm season--from March through May--winds frequently blow dust clouds eastward across the Pacific Ocean.
Total vent open area and blow tube area, which varied depending on whether the core was "chunky" or "rangy," were established using a supplied formula.
Improving productivity while minimizing capital cost and floorspace will be central themes of blow molding exhibits at NPE 2006.
Your research question would be: "Which brand of bubble gum blows the largest bubbles?
formerly Crystal Specialties), blows monolayer PS/SBC film for fresh produce packaging.
Foam blow molding technology may be taking its first baby steps in the market, but this child could be jogging before long.
blow molding machinery makers are also designing new systems with increased modularity and incorporating more ancillary functions such as in-machine trimming.
Batavia, Ohio, showed its new Eclipse T line of large industrial blow molders (see PT, Nov.
The emphasis here is on those who are using PCR for blow molding; injection molding; and extrusion of pipe, film, lumber, and sheet.
The SSB-F blows up to 5-liter containers with neck openings to 110 mm, and reportedly changes molds with kit parts in under 2 hr.