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Kohlberg's blowup literally left a lot of money on the table.
The blowUP Super Motion is the biggest digital advertising screen in Birmingham and is set to become a landmark site for digital outdoor advertising in the UK.
bodies in this respect, asserting that no incidents or blowups occurred in the
To understand much of what the fires of 1910 meant and how they became a central part of the Forest Service story that powerfully shapes our approach to fire today, one should know the story of forester Ed Pulaski, whose real-life heroics on August 20, 1910 was central to how we remember, and were influenced by, the Big Blowup.
Blowup for degenerate and singular parabolic system with nonlocal source.
Blowups of important medical records are essential in cases involving misdiagnosed malignant melanoma, where the crucial evidentiary fact is the appearance of cells on a slide.
Beacon owner Land Securities has let the top of the tower to Birmingham advertising agency BlowUP who then marketed the space.
Drela suggests, "There wasn't one giant blowup but gradual [deterioration] over several minutes.
It's a typically stylish Brian De Palma thriller, based on the Michelangelo Antonioni film BlowUp, with spellbinding photography and fascinating psychological overtones.
The few scribes in the audience had heard about the blowup between the company's board of directors and artistic director Ron Protas over the question of a new leader, Protas's refusal to relinquish control to artistic director-designate Janet Eilber and his threats to prevent the Martha Graham Dance Company from performing the repertoire, to which he controls the rights.
The Treasure Of The Yankee Zephyr: David Hemmings was one of the most famous faces of the 1960s, with roles in movies such as Blowup, Barbarella and The Charge of the Light Brigade.