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Selecting his most formidable antagonist, the fellow with the bludgeon, Tarzan charged full upon him, dodging the falling weapon, and catching the man a terrific blow on the point of the chin that felled him in his tracks.
The savage ape bearing the mighty bludgeon was slinking toward Carthoris.
The din of the drum was now increased, as well as the frequency of the blows, and the warriors, as each approached the victim of the hunt and delivered his bludgeon blow, joined in the mad whirl of the Death Dance.
There is a race of men in New Zealand, or Australia, I have forgotten which, who indicate their preference for the lady of their affections by banging her over the head with a bludgeon.
His weapons consisted of a stone ax and knife and a heavy knobbed bludgeon of wood.
The antelopes, nearly exhausted with fatigue and fright, and bewildered by perpetual whooping, made no effort to break through the ring of the hunters, but ran round in small circles, until man, woman, and child beat them down with bludgeons.
They were armed with bludgeons and knives, and fortified in their courage by fanatical hate and frenzy.
This late shift in England's mid-field selection, swapping the rapier for the bludgeon smells a little bit like the 1991 World Cup final at Twickenham, but in reverse.
THE 2006 FEDERAL BUDGET IS SLIGHTLY LESS THAN six gazillion pages of eye-straining statistics, outlandish bureaucratic acronyms, and unspeakable Orwellian babble, bound in no-nonsense government blue and suitable for months of obsessive home study or as a sturdy bludgeon against domestic intruders.
It had been the defendant's intention to bludgeon his partner to death.
Thousands of kilometers away on Wall Street, bondholders bludgeon Cavallo for tepid budget cuts.
I have to think of the blood and sweat I've gone through to keep them healthy and you're going to come in and bludgeon the area.