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Trejo initially tried to hide the double murder, but police entered the house and saw the two bludgeoned bodies and the baseball bat leaning against a door frame, Kalata said.
He bludgeoned her 13 times over the head with a pestle in a flat in Crawley, West Sussex, in May.
| Scott Pritchard, who was found bludgeoned outside his Sunderland home at the age of 19
He believed Siti Ratna was bludgeoned to death with the hammer between June 18 and yesterday.
Following the panchayat's verdict, the woman had paid a visit to Allah Rakha's house to collect her belongings, where her husband along with his father and other family members bludgeoned Gulnaz to death.
WARNING Michael Smales WARNING Michael Smales A MAN who bludgeoned his wife to death has gone missing and police believe he may have fled to Scotland.
ARTIST Valerie was sound asleep when she was bludgeoned to death with a claw hammer.
Something about it all reminded me of those scenes on television about apartheid South Africa: mothers crying after their shot babies, bludgeoned sons in police cage trucks, bludgeoned daughters in blood.
The attack had come a day after a convicted Indian spy died after being bludgeoned with a brick by fellow inmates at a Pakistani prison.
Summary: Guwahati: Police in northeast India said they believed workers on a tea plantation who bludgeoned ...