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BLUDGEONED Valerie and, left, scene of gruesome murder while she was sleeping
In fact, you're more likely to be bludgeoned to death or blown to bits in the London borough than live to a ripe old age.
The attack had come a day after a convicted Indian spy Sarabjit Singh died after being bludgeoned with a brick by fellow inmates at a Pakistani prison.
Guwahati: Police in northeast India said they believed workers on a tea plantation who bludgeoned their boss and his wife to death last month also ate parts of their bodies.
Police revealed on Tuesday that the Royal Navy veteran was bludgeoned to death in an "horrendous" attack between 3pm and 6pm on Sunday.
Turn to Page 2 BLUDGEONED TO DEATH: Judith Richardson, 77 DANGEROUS MAN: Fugitive and convicted sex attacker Graeme Jarman, caught on CCTV in Stockton, and pictured far left, is wanted in connection with an OAP's death
Kevin was bludgeoned with a hammer and had his throat cut while Cici was hit with a similar weapon and died from suffocation having been gagged.
A MAN has denied the murder of two Chinese graduates found bludgeoned to death at their home.
He is now in intensive care in hospital after being bludgeoned with a metal baton by the men.
The jury in the trial of an horrific murder were today visiting the home where four members of one family were found bludgeoned to death.
Linens from the bed where investigators believe Castro was bludgeoned also were not found.
To avoid being paraded in front of foreign journalists in 1969, Stockdale bludgeoned his face with a wooden stool and cut his scalp with a razor, knowing the North Vietnamese would not display a disfigured prisoner.