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Deputy headteacher Sion Jenkins, who is from Aberystwyth, was jailed for life for bludgeoning Billie-Jo to death with an 18-inch metal tent spike as she painted a patio door at their home in Hastings, Sussex.
The EAR evolved into a killer, generally bludgeoning his victims' heads multiple times with a blunt object or shooting those he could not control.
Bludgeoning the Palestinian people into submission may gain a few middling years of a Pax Israeli, but it does not take a lot of money or high-tech hardware to organize another suicide bombing.
In creating a new perspective in the understanding of early modern martyrdom, Gregory sets out to slay a great deal of methodological dragons, though his weapon tends to be bludgeoning at times as it destroys other approaches which offer up insights into the social and gendered aspects of martyrdom.
As his handlers have discovered, his manner makes him effective on the attack--he is a bludgeoning machine--but it also makes him a little creepy.
TOKYO: A US Marine was yesterday charged with murder in the bludgeoning death of another Marine on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa.
The COSMOSXpress(TM) design analysis software embedded in SolidWorks Office Professional will help SARGENT's designers and engineers minimize the numbers of prototypes they send to labs for bludgeoning, battering, and other stress tests.
His injuries are thought to have been inflicted as the former Newcastle student tried to protect his head from the relentless bludgeoning by his killer, or killers.
Stone, 46, was given life in 2001 for bludgeoning Lin Russell and her daughter Megan to death.