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Caudal fin basis and medial portion golden yellow, distal portion hyaline, with rows of small blue spots.
Conclusion: Mongolian blue spot are the commonest pigmented birthmarks observed followed by cafe-au-lait macules and congenital melanocytic nevi.
Keep the big blue spot hidden until the end of the stunt.
Forewing ground color brownish yellow without a large median blue spot, uncus short and tegumen broad V.
50, and blue spot cropped bottoms, pounds 10, from Debenhams.
The 22-month-old was rushed to hospital after developing a blue spot on her neck in 2004.
99@ River island; Gold metallic bikini, pounds 26@ Miss Selfridge; Black and tropical print bikini, pounds 40 by Ultimo; Redwhite blue spot strapless bikini with blue beads, pounds 92 by Zimmerman@Figleaves.
Each OIA test is configured to capture a unique analyte target and amplify its presence by creating a visible blue spot.
They have found that the termites, known as Neocapritermes taracua, have a blue spot on their backs which contains explosive crystals that are used to carry out suicide attacks.
After the break Armitage made a 33 and Peaker 25, but then came the decisive visit when the Marsh man produced the night's top break of 71, the bulk of the points coming from potting the red off its spot, and cleverly working the cue ball down the table when the red ball was moved to the blue spot.
Blue spot dress, pounds 16 @ Asda Living; shoes, pounds 20and bag, pounds 5 @ New Look; flowers in hair, pounds 2.