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Three major divisions of the blue spot are apparently moving in varying directions, with its northern and southern parts shifting east and the central third shifting west.
"It is incredible that one narrow magnetic hot spot, the Great Blue Spot, could be responsible for almost all of Jupiter's secular variation, but the numbers bear it out," said Moore.
Caudal fin basis and medial portion golden yellow, distal portion hyaline, with rows of small blue spots. Pelvic fin light yellow.
SITE OF LESION Monolian blue spot Cafe aulait###Congenital melanocytic nevus###Total
We start with "Put the blue chip on the blue spot" and work our way straight up to business calculus.
The card is turned over and a large blue spot is seen.
Good co-flocculation performance with violet 23 types when used for reddish blue spot colors.
Only strips on which the positive control position was stained as a clearly marked blue spot were able to be evaluated and used for this study.
Cold showers offer relief for depressive symptoms by stimulate the so-called "blue spot," or the main source ( noradrenaline in the brain.
THESE Snoopy stripe pyjamas, left, are super cute, top, pounds 12.50, and blue spot cropped bottoms, pounds 10, from Debenhams.
Haf had a blue spot on her neck, like a bruise, and as the disease took hold more spots appeared until they all joined up.