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Slated for future availability, metered performance gives organizations the flexibility to quickly and easily increase or decrease performance as business needs change - as defined by Business Blueprinting - and pay only for the performance they use.
The new solutions are key components mapped to four recently announced Unisys Business Blueprinting solutions for the financial services industry: Banking and Mortgage, Life Insurance and Pension, Property and Casualty/General Insurance, and Enterprise Payment.
A comprehensive consulting, development and delivery strategy, Unisys Business Blueprinting builds models that link business processes to the software and systems that support them.
The Unisys Business Blueprinting strategy improves our capability to help commercial clients confront two major business issues -- one decades old, the other arriving with the new century," said David Jordan, president of Unisys Global Commercial.
Unisys Business Blueprinting will help clients to realize organizational agility and in turn provide better products and services to their customers.
That, in short, is what Business Blueprinting is all about.
Industry-leading companies are using the Troux Blueprinting System to combat the rising costs and risks associated with planning, deploying and managing today's complex and constantly-changing IT environments.
0, Troux Blueprinting System, Troux IT Portal, Troux Reference Model, Troux Service Solutions and Troux Collectors are trademarks of Troux Technologies, Inc.
The Troux 4 platform consists of three integrated products: the Troux Blueprinting System(tm), the Troux Reporting System(tm) and the Troux Portal(tm).