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Microsoft is pleased that Unisys will integrate its 3D-VE blueprints into Visual Studio Team System," said Rick LaPlante, general manager of the Visual Studio Team System group at Microsoft.
Microsoft has provided Mainsoft access to parts of its Windows blueprints since at least 1994 under conditions that generally prohibited it from disclosing them to others.
The third way to get this product is to engage Unisys in a Business Process Outsourcing contract, basically shifting the responsibility for the IT infrastructure to Unisys and using the blueprint to keep the outsourced applications current with business needs.
The prosecutors office, which has taken over the investigation from the police, said it has not arrested the man as he denies any relation to al-Qaida and it is not a crime to possess such blueprints.
Maloney sells three sets of blueprints for $395, including a standard expansion of 240 square feet that adds a dining room and an extra bedroom and bathroom.
The six industry blueprints include: Empowering Sales Transformation for improving accuracy and sales effectiveness.
Treasurer Mike Nahan said the blueprints were designed to be forward-looking strategy documents, outlining regional growth opportunities and investment required to unlock growth.