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Emulating Keith in bluffer mode, I'll try to be funny, concise, knowledgeable, mischievous, coruscating: and bamboozle those journalists too.
These two biters do what the runners, hiders, bluffers, and tricksters all do: They prove without a doubt that lizards are wizards
BY PAUL O'HEHIR GARRY BUCKLEY says Cork City players respond to John Caulfield (inset) because the Rebels boss 'spots a bluffer a mile away.
Not Dave Spikey, an amiable bluffer, or Max Clifford, who was clearly uncomfortable.
Tonight, fibbers from as far apart as Perthshire and Suffolk are due to descend on the small Cumbrian village of Santon Bridge, in an attempt to be crowned the world's best bluffer.
A serial bluffer, he pushed pre-flop, then bet the turn and river.
IF you fancy yourself as a bit of a bluffer, then no limit Texas Hold 'Em is the poker game for you.
Welsh film critic Gary Slaymaker said it was not hard to spot a film bluffer.
Marvin is no bluffer when it comes to attending fight events outside boxing.
KEITH Miller is a work-shy bluffer who scrounges drinks, watches TV all day and thinks he knows it all.
It was only when they found out about his record and watched how he mixed it with heavier guys in sparring, they realised that he was not a bluffer who had just dropped into town.
Northern Ireland folk can smell a bluffer from any range.