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If you fancy yourself as a bit of a bluffer then why not try your hand at one of Betfred Poker's many No Limit tables.
Gary says, 'A bluffer will quote one of these lines - 'Charlie don't surf', 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning' and 'The horror, the horror'.
Using his skills as a bluffer, Jane manages to leave jail and decides to visit his victim's wife house, where he tries to find clues to clear him from the crime.
You could encounter someone who is a bit of a bluffer.
That true story emphasises two things; that Heskey is a reluctant interviewee and that he is a terrible bluffer.
com, said: "If you're lucky enough to be born with some of these desirable facial characteristics it could benefit your poker playing, but even if you don't have the perfect poker face, or you're not a great bluffer, you can always play on-line where your face or its expression won't matter.
It turns out that the feisty senior citizen is as good a bluffer as she is a runner; she didn't even have a gun
First, he had Saddam Hussein, the butcher and the bluffer of Baghdad.
She found that, in general, poker players were poor judges of the bluff, concluding that most overestimate the attempts at bluffing by infrequent bluffers and underestimate the attempts of the frequent bluffer.
And Chelsea boss JOSE MOURINHO didn't escape either: "A bluffer who just got found out.
KEITH Pottage is telly's biggest bluffer - he has bamboozled his way on to more than 150 programmes in the PAST 13 YEARS.
Maybe you're a gambler, entrepreneur, genius, intellectual, joker, a great bluffer or a fabulous detective.