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But the bluffers who are incapable if multi-tasking are now being found out at the top level of inter-county management by players, backroom staff and even supporters, who have a more nuanced understanding of the game than ever.
Solskjaer struggled to suppress a smile after he was informed by a reporter that Keane had used the word 'bluffers.'.
The Bluffer's Guide to The Bluffer's Guide to Horseracing PS6.99 David Ashforth PS6.99 Published by Bluffer's - Ashforth casts a wryly cynical eye over various sections of the racing industry in these 120 pages, gently poking fun at the sport he so clearly adores.
They were both dealt shaky hands at Vivendi U, but while Jean-Marie Messier folded, his successor Jean-Rene Fourtou looks like a consummate bluffer.
A dozen years or so ago, the English historian Patricia Crone outlined what she described as "the bluffer's guide" to "pre-industrial societies" in her book with that title (Oxford: Blackwell, 1989).
Instead, we have Net Attitude, a bluffer's guide to the Internet, web services and ecommerce for the CEO and CIO who somehow managed to sleep through 1998 to 2001.
He made it to Princeton, a "poor boy in a rich man's school," where he ran The Daily Princetonian and was voted "most likely to succeed" as well as "biggest bluffer" and, presciently, "the man nobody knows." He quit Princeton months before graduation and soon was well on his way to Wall Street wealth as a bond salesman.
Thank heavens for The Bluffer's Guide To Tennis - it'll help us negotiate our way through the tournament, without looking (too much) like damn fools.
Fortunately I received unexpected help last week from my fellow Journal columnist, Keith Hann, who sent me an inscribed copy of his brand-new book, "The Bluffer's Guide to Opera".
* SIR - Your "bluffer's guide to the Severn Barrage" (May 19) was clearer about the 1849 proposals than the current plans.