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Emulating Keith in bluffer mode, I'll try to be funny, concise, knowledgeable, mischievous, coruscating: and bamboozle those journalists too.
Web surfers and novice bluffers can observe online games in progress until they have the confidence to step out of the audience and join the game.
Techno Bluffers are probably the hardest to spot because, like Dad described above, they are too proud to ask the kids for help and would rather wade through huge amounts of manuals pretending they understand exactly how every hi-tech gadget works.
The bluffers tend to be the ones who'll happily quote a famous part of a film, but can't tell you when it happens in the film, or else they'll quote a line, but get it slightly wrong.
I think that says a lot about the ability of the rest and it says something about the gullibility of the average fan who believes all the bull surrounding these bluffers who bleed every penny out of the game and only perform when they feel like it.
He said: "I am grateful for the experience they gave me, but there are too many bluffers and pretenders.
Bluffers are too proud to ask the kids for help and suffer from gadget-induced anxiety.
The rest - notably swimming, rowing and rugby - are bluffers.
Football used to be a sport but it's been turned into a media circus run by and catered for by clowns, bluffers and conmen (directors, chairman and agents to the rest of us) who use it to satisfy their own egos.
THE only clubs you need are a putter, a sand wedge and a five- iron, but bluffers should have the course maximum of 14.
On the contrary,it is rural life that will have to change to fit the national conscience,and not to accommodate the outmoded hobbies of toffs, duffers and bluffers.
There were the professional bluffers such as the one who claimed: "I am a personal friend of several TV personalities, who would be happy to act as referees.