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But not only is it foolish to bluff when opponents expect you to, statistically, bluffing can be a mug's game, a fact which has been known to the odd poker mentor for more than eighty years.
However, if your table image is that you are a loose and aggressive player then you should not bluff because you will be called as an opponent will believe that you are always bluffing.
She found that, in general, poker players were poor judges of the bluff, concluding that most overestimate the attempts at bluffing by infrequent bluffers and underestimate the attempts of the frequent bluffer.
The advice I'm asked for most often concerns bluffing - or rather, when to do it.
72) and I must say that I am surprised that no one used high-limit poker players to analyze if a person is bluffing. The art of poker is calling people on their bluffs.