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The wild and picturesque bluffs in the neighborhood of his lonely grave have ever since borne his name.
all but one, a little baby, that had been dropped in the excitement close to the base of the bluff.
High up the bluff we climbed, higher than all the other caves, to a tiny crevice that could not be seen from the ground.
We'll make the police post some time this afternoon, and we've got to get ready to pull the bluff without a hitch, and a word to the wise is plenty.
As the whirl of dust drew nearer to the solitary bluff upon which the two castaways were reposing, the canvas-covered tilts of waggons and the figures of armed horsemen began to show up through the haze, and the apparition revealed itself as being a great caravan upon its journey for the West.
On reaching the base of the bluff they halted, and held a short council among themselves.
The grant for Oak Bluffs was the largest sum awarded.
RECENTLY I have explained the different types of bluff you can use.
While the Economic Development Alliance of Jefferson County officially was established in 1995 with the merger of the Greater Pine Bluff Chamber of Commerce and the Jefferson County Industrial Foundation, The Alliance's beginning on Jan.
Horseshoe Council Bluffs -- which will boast 68,000 square feet of new gaming space, 36 live table games, including a 20-table poker room, and 1,900 slot and video poker machines -- is slated to open during the first fiscal quarter of 2006.
A successful poker player must be able to bluff successfully, at least on occasion, and conversely to detect "tells" from opponents, whether the tell gives away a good hand or a bluff.
In the heyday of the ranch, steamers had a difficult time dodging the rocks of the cove, so the Spooners built a chute to propel the livestock down from the bluff to a loading wharf.