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Fair Bluff will receive $1 million from North Carolina Emergency Management to help address long term housing needs.
A couple of days later they boarded a steamboat and travelled along the Savannah River, while observing the high bluffs.
RECENTLY I have explained the different types of bluff you can use.
While the Economic Development Alliance of Jefferson County officially was established in 1995 with the merger of the Greater Pine Bluff Chamber of Commerce and the Jefferson County Industrial Foundation, The Alliance's beginning on Jan.
The art of poker is calling people on their bluffs.
The bluffs trail begins directly above the cove to the south, and a gentle, half-mile stroll will find you at Coralina Cove.
On the steep bluffs north of downtown Seattle grows an impressive array of what is arguably the Pacific Northwest's most beautiful arboreal treasures: the Pacific madrone.
Joe), Jacksonville, Florida, USA, transferred ownership of Aspalaga Bluffs, long considered one of Florida's most unique natural areas, to The Nature Conservancy (TNC).
No woodrats were captured in Wyandotte Cave or on four bluffs in Crawford (n = 3) and Harrison (n = 1) Counties.
At Porter Gap, where the lineament is the Chickasaw Bluffs, reflectors at 100--200 m depth dip west beneath the bluff face, and a steep reverse fault underlies the base of the bluff.
According to county tax records, The Bluffs on the Cape Fear closed more homesites than any other preconstruction community in either Brunswick or New Hanover county in 2007.
Oak Bluffs officials received word that the town will receive $3.