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All that is clear to me is that you are exaggerating your own blunder into something serious.
In return it was argued by the prosecution that the weakness of the bomb was a blunder on the part of the socialists, just as its premature explosion, caused by Ernest's losing his nerve and dropping it, was a blunder.
In the naval officer's room he even took a pack of playing-cards into his hand, and was thereupon invited to make a fourth in a game; but after losing a few times, as well as making several blunders in his play, he abandoned the pursuit.
The blunder was spotted by Wrexham AFC fan Steff Tomos as he made his way to a match at the club's Racecourse Ground.
They committed a blunder by withdrawing support to the first UPA government.
351-billion budget in 2018, lawmakers grilled Andanar about PNA's recent blunder of uploading the logo of pineapple company Dole Philippines in a story about the Department of Labor and Employment.
IT is shocking at least 25,000 patients may need to have scans redone because of a major HSE computer blunder.
AND Head & Shoulders gambling on England goalie Joe Hart not making a catastrophic blunder in the first 45 minutes against Iceland, by placing an ad starring him during half-time - just after Joe Hart made a catastrophic blunder in the first 45 minutes against Iceland.
AIRPORT bosses have launched an investigation after a blunder by handling staff led to inbound passengers entering the departure lounge.
Four lucky lottery players may have torn up millionpound tickets after a blunder by draw bosses.
In this game the Blunder children, like real children, know that good manners will also help them make more friends, do better in school and develop self-confidence.
The "first blunder was not to rehabilitate the 25,000 Afghan Mujahideen who fought in the war against USSR and they then came to Pakistan which led to the formation of Al Qaeda," he said.