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Not content with being blown away in the second Test, the Down Under blunderers managed to give England skipper Andrew Strauss only his third first-class wicket yesterday.
Substituting blue-collar blunderers for "Office Space's" white-collar workhorses, "Extract" distills meager laughs from a strange story about a cheating wife, a wily thief, a severed testicle and a hapless factory owner juggling all of the above.
AS WE suffer the decline and fall of the financial system, thanks to boardroom blunderers who consult Meerkat.
Ben's bunch of blunderers fared little better with their slightly creepy 'See Margate through children's eyes' slogan and posters showing panoramic shots of a miserable-looking wet beach.
Even individuals who have been outstanding strategists in one strategic context may easily reemerge as blunderers in a different one.
Sir Jock, who claimed most blunderers were afraid to own up, said in an MoD mag: "More than half of incidents are down to human factors.
And if I was asked to eulogize her, if someone thought to ask a grandchild (though no one does), you could have polled us and we would have been blunderers like our parents.
I don't know but what she lost one or two blunderers to predation by her larger kin even so.
And further, she takes her time to make sure that we see it too, enriching the relationship we have with her cast, and eliciting sympathy for these poor trapped blunderers.
A complete boxed set of Carry On Blunderers, updated for 2006.
We tried to make them as cowardly as possible, turn them into real blunderers.
It is a sad day when the electoral Republican thieves cause the Democratic blunderers in the Florida 2000 election to lead some prominent or active liberals to take it out on future candidates who might help jolt their beloved but stagnant Party into the minds of more voters.