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Two or three Morlocks came blundering into me, and I drove them off with blows of my fists, trembling as I did so.
But blundering translators on the beer aisle wrote "alcohol am ddim" - meaning alcohol for free - instead of the correct Welsh of " di-alcohol" for alcohol-free beer.
Brexit fiasco a disaster for Wales LONDON Government is still blundering along.
For this reason, blundering sinners need never fear to approach God for forgiveness.
BLUNDERING Sepp Blatter faces an embarrassing turnaround on the use of goal-line technology - after England were robbed of a legitimate equaliser against Germany at the World Cup.
THREE blundering robbers who mistook a fridge for a safe during a post office raid have been jailed for five years each after leaving a trail of evidence.
BLUNDERING markers failed an ENTIRE YEAR of pupils after wrongly thinking they were all dodging their Sats exam.
Providing Ricks with fresh examples of blundering and mismanagement are American Express, McDonald's, Toyota, GM, Jolly Green Giant and others, from whom Ricks extracts over 50 new errors.
The unwritten Blundering Bush agenda, however, has made it quite clear that any nation that aspires to nuclear power is an enemy.
Thanks to our blundering Home Secretary David Blunkett, the men suspected of having links to al-Qaeda won't be tagged or monitored because he says: "There is no evidence of treason or war crimes that would stand up in a British court."
Devastated Lianne Sey-mour will get an apology after being told by blundering officials she must move out of the house she shared with her husband Ian, a Royal Marine, who was killed in a helicopter crash in Kuwait in the first week of the war.