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There is, for this reason, much in the cause of socialism which evokes Christian approval.' Not that the proletariat cannot become blunderingly and coarsely dogmatic' (Barth, Epistle 464); but Luxemburg did not shrink from telling Lenin that he wasn't giving the proletariat much of a chance to take that risk.
a literary term" not to be "blunderingly taken in a fixed and rigid manner" like the theologians who have employed it as if it were a "scientific" term designating a "definite and ascertained idea ...
Lewis, "He commands us to do slowly and blunderingly what He could do perfectly and in the twinkling of an eye."
The situation we are in was very succinctly summed up by Richard Tarnas: "In the absence of any viable, embracing cultural vision, old assumptions remain blunderingly in force, providing an increasingly unworkable and dangerous blueprint for human thought and activity." (207) By overcoming the limitation of Kant's philosophy, Schelling has provided the basis for definitively transcending scientific materialism, in doing so, overcoming the opposition between science and the humanities and enabling people to understand themselves as culturally formed, socially situated, creative participants within nature.
He discovers, unsurprisingly, that sometimes the Reagan Administration was either seriously mistaken (the Iran-Contra affair) or blunderingly inept (the Bob Jones University tax flap).
Dance movies are the blunderingly obvious targets for this heavy-handed satire.