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Under general anesthesia (as described above), the skin over the VAP was incised to expose the VAP and allow blunt dissection to free it from the surrounding fascia.
Additionally, the atraumatic curved tip can be used for blunt dissection and to manipulate tissues while positioning the reload before firing.
It is important to make sure that dissection of the endopelvic fascia is performed sharply until a relatively avascular and areolar space is created; at this time, blunt dissection with the surgeon's finger can be easily accomplished.
Blunt dissection of the catheter cuff--via incision or through the exit site--is followed by subsequent removal of the catheter and suturing, if required.
A skin incision was made beneath the chin, followed by blunt dissection upwards with artery forceps into the oral cavity beneath the tongue.
Some objects require blunt dissection with a forceps.
The unit employs an open technique with blunt dissection of the muscles and pleura (without trocar) for inserting ICDs.
During surgery, grayish necrotic fascia, extensive subcutaneous tissue necrosis, loss of resistance of the normally adherent superficial fascia to blunt dissection, and foul-smelling "dishwater" pus were noted.
Blunt dissection to open tissue planes that are both superficial and deep to the implants has solved this problem.
These include blunt dissection, guillotine excision, electrocautery, cryosurgery, coblation tonsillectomy, laser tonsillectomy monopolar and bipolar cautery tonsillectomy1,2.