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To test the hypothesis that attentional bias in individuals would be different according to their level of HA and their coping strategy, we conducted a 2 (HA: HHA, LHA) x 2 (coping: blunter, monitor) ANOVA.
The message is even blunter in one of the chapter titles, "The Education Crisis Is a National Security Crisis.
Throughout 2011, the African Fisherman in association with affiliated safari operators and suppliers launched the Subscription Competition aimed at rewarding one lucky reader, three times a year for their support of the both the African Fisherman and the African blunter magazines.
The work places dental evolution in larger vertebrates, like humans, in perspective: they took the alternative route, developing less efficient but less breakable, blunter teeth, to which greater force can be applied by jaw muscles.
The past few years have been all about adding texture to your haircut but this year it's time to get rid of some of those wispy ends and give your cut a blunter edge.
The failure of talks precedes either eventual agreement in 2013, or the imposition of imposed cuts which are likely to be blunter than politicians would like.
He's just as direct, and blunter, in his description of how Sculley "systematically destroyed" the values of Apple.
We all like politicians who say what they think - and campaigners opposed a directly elected mayor for Birmingham could hardly have been blunter.
The US administration has grown ever blunter in demanding that Europe urgently fix the problem.
Amano, who has taken a blunter approach towards the Islamic state than his predecessor Mohamed ElBaradei, met with Abbasi-Davani on the sidelines of a week-long, international nuclear safety meeting in the Austrian capital.
When Obama meets with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Friday, he needs to be even blunter about how a continued stalemate is not in Israel's interest and will only feed extremism.
However, these warrants fell in a clearer and blunter politicization, by implicating the judicial pursuit in the existing political rivalry between these wanted personalities and the Syrian regime.