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Using blunter, more forceful language than the reports that underpin it, the new draft highlights the urgency of the risks likely to be intensified by continued emissions of heat-trapping gases, primarily carbon dioxide released by the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.
However, a simultaneous English audio translation of some of Zanganeh's remarks, heard by most of the visiting delegates, appeared blunter.
Many go one step further and put it in a blunter way i.
A similar argument was put in even blunter terms by Digby Jones, the former head of employers' organisation the CBI - and a former Trade Minister in a Labour government, when Gordon Brown was Prime Minister (although he never joined the Labour Party).
Bordo's new paintings are somewhat larger in size than they used to be, but they feel much bigger, with a blunter, more robust facture and a more implacable presence.
But Juppe, also a conservative, was blunter in supporting Hollande's decision because he knows that there is no political solution in Syria, as long as the Russian position remains unchanged.
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney was even blunter before he left home to head for the conclave.
While Eli Yishhai, Israeli's Interior Minister was blunter about the operation in Gaza, "The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle-Ages.
In blunter terms, someone must be responsible for the pitiful state of affairs in many Arab states, whether it involves politics, the economy or society.
The blunter edges of the body will also be rounded out, similar to the curved design of the Galaxy S3.
Our societal failure to resolve these issues has led the environmental and regulatory community to focus instead on blunter tools, such as efficiency regulations.
The work places dental evolution in larger vertebrates, like humans, in perspective: they took the alternative route, developing less efficient but less breakable, blunter teeth, to which greater force can be applied by jaw muscles.