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However, Bayern's sporting director Matthias Sammer confirmed in the bluntest terms that the club has no interest in signing him, adding that they are not sure what he would bring to the Bundesliga even though they have the greatest respect for the player.
It was a third goal of the game for the bluntest attack in the second tier, boasting just 45 goals from 44 games before kick-off.
Put in its bluntest form: The main threat to our environment is more and more people, and their activities," Thatcher said.
Jim Pitts, R-Waxahachie, put it in the bluntest terms.
what are probably the bluntest assessments of the presumption's
Perhaps the bluntest statement of what wartime meant for the average citizen came from an OPA bureaucrat.
Over the years I have bristled at other versions of the same sentiment, but this expression of it is the bluntest and, for that reason, the most appalling.
Needless to say, this choice is the bluntest of instruments.
The bluntest public demand to date by a lawmaker of his own party for a leadership challenge escalates the strife for Cameron as he grapples with keeping his coalition government together after the worst month of his two-year premiership.
Americans have tired of the Afghan conflict and its expense, yet they remain all too willing to continue the war robotically, via the bluntest of martial instruments--the drone.