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The Deputy Prime Minister also bluntly dismissed Mr Cameron's call for a period of reflection on the controversial plans.
Janet, 55, was diagnosed last year with an aggressive form of lymphoma which her doctor then bluntly told her was incurable.
When I asked him why, he bluntly stated: "Orders from the Vatican.
A big chunk of this is bluntly, sometimes awkwardly, expressed and predictable.
Perhaps more misguided Religious Right types will wake up to the fact that they've been had; that, to put it bluntly, they've been seduced and abandoned.
To put it bluntly, I was willing to hustle to pay for the education my family could not afford.
The adult children of the elderly speak bluntly in this month's cover story by Kathy Saunders, "Assisted Living: When it's your turn to care for your parents" (page 12-17).
I saw that as a smokescreen for accountability," he says bluntly.
Because authors Greg Morrison and Yanick Rice Lamb bluntly explain why bid whist--black America's card game of choice--is so demanding.
As he put it bluntly in that New Orleans speech, "It is entrepreneurship that helps break the cycle of poverty, and we will take the side of entrepreneurs.
Thus 80 percent of those detained at the border answered in the affirmative when asked by the Border Patrol if they would apply for amnesty, one of them bluntly stating: "Yes, I am not stupid.