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Keys, deputy chief of staff for air and space operations, bluntly told members of the House Armed Services Committee subcommittee on tactical air and land forces, "If we can't build it, we're not going to buy it.
Once all of the skin incisions--including the endonasal "marginal" segments--have been made, the columellar skin is bluntly elevated from the underlying cartilage via a vestibular incision (figure 4).
The states sometimes did this bluntly by printing their own newspapers or forcing editors of semi-official newspapers to take a pro-government stance.
To state it bluntly, my whole family just didn't want me to be a sister," she wrote in her 1997 memoirs, Other Little Ships.
In its bluntly titled report Nursing Homes: Public Reporting of Quality Indicators Has Merit, but National Implementation Is Premature, the GAO quickly cuts to the chase: "CMS has not yet adequately resolved a number of open issues regarding the appropriateness of the quality indicators selected for public reporting and the accuracy of the underlying data.
You don't need it," says Froberg bluntly There's not a lot of fancy stuff going on with the guitars either, unless playing chords is considered fancy Froberg and Reis don't use effects or pedals, just their fingers and their brains, which comes across sounding a lot more interesting in the end.
Welsh schools were bluntly told that the straight handouts that head teachers in England would receive from the Government would not be repeated in Wales.
This is simply a smart, practical approach to making the jobs of educators easier--without interference from Washington," he offered bluntly.
After he signed, my adviser asked me bluntly, "Did you enjoy your time as an English major?
Bluntly, it just did not accord with their myth of Florence.
Bluntly, according to the financial press, it has debts of $17 billion and its shares have gone into freefall on Wall Street.