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The generosity of Sophia's temper construed this behaviour of Jones into great bravery; and it made a deep impression on her heart: for certain it is, that there is no one quality which so generally recommends men to women as this; proceeding, if we believe the common opinion, from that natural timidity of the sex, which is, says Mr Osborne, "so great, that a woman is the most cowardly of all the creatures God ever made;"--a sentiment more remarkable for its bluntness than for its truth.
As he said good-night to his hostess, Vassenka would again have kissed her hand, but Kitty, reddening, drew back her hand and said with a naive bluntness, for which the old princess scolded her afterwards:
Is the bluntness of moral feeling which could ask such a question as that, after what had just happened, to be pitied or condemned?
They are rock-solid at the back, but it's that bluntness in attack which leaves the Argentine side at a disadvantage, especially away from home where they are set up not to lose rather than to go for the win.
She said: "I started cross stitching when I was about 10, and the simple style seems to suit the bluntness of my cards.
He played on his down-toearth northern bluntness, spoke for the everyman and acted up his Big Cyril persona - while behind closed doors the 29-stone politician sexually abused homeless boys as young as eight.
But his bluntness and unvarnished honesty turns a police press conference from a success story into a PR disaster and he's booted to the Missing Persons Unit as a punishment.
I think our success came from Eileen's energy and her bluntness and, to some extent, her comfort with confrontation,'' Jerry Ford told USA Today in 1997.
But the bluntness of 'liKe' can always be misinterpreted.
Ganguly, who is renowned for his bluntness, added: "If I was Sachin [Tendulkar], maybe I would have gone a year earlier but I think he has got the timing right.
Intelligent targeting rather than heavyhanded bluntness is the way forward.
While hilarious in his barrowboy bluntness, Sugar just has to be the world's worst boss.