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Existing major approaches for blurred face recognition are categorized into four: (1) blur invariant feature extraction from blurred image and use it for recognition, such as local phase quantization (LPQ) [5], (2) deblur a given degraded face image first and then apply conventional clear face image recognition method [6], (3) direct recognition approach [7], (4) simultaneous deblur and recognition approach [8].
To help combat privacy concerns, software is used to automatically blur human faces.
Google Street View is known to blur out faces or number plates to protect privacy but the tech giant took privacy to a whole new level when it obscured the face of a cow in Cambridge in the United Kingdom.
19 -- In this blog post I'm going to start exploring the topic of blur filters.
LIVERPOOL rising rock & roll band Sugarmen have landed a dream support slot with Blur.
The global e-commerce firm that provides a better way for companies to buy or sell services, blur Group, is launching the latest version of its e-commerce platform.
Solving the image automatic deblurring problem may help in numerous situations where blur presence leads to numerous and consistent errors in image processing like segment misclassification [13], erroneous (hand)writing detection [8][9][10], faulty acquisition device calibration [11][12], etc.
These digital disruptors are creating what we have termed the "digital-physical blur.
Furthermore, whether or not a mark is famous, the existence or nonexistence of the requisite fame does not change the fact that a junior user's use of a mark can blur the senior user's mark.
It's barely a third of the t's barely a third of the way into the year but way into the year but IL'Oreal Revitali Magic L'Oreal Revitali Magic L'Oreal Revitali Magic BLUR Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, BLUR Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, PS12.
AN exhibition celebrating the careers of Britpop legends Blur is to go on show here next month.
31 May 2013 - UK cloud-based technology firm Blur Group Plc (LON:BLUR) said today that it had conditionally raised USD11.