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Vision improvement may be noticed immediately after surgery, but there can be initial blurriness due to inflammation, so that improvement is typically noticed within two to three days.
Caption: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can cause blurriness or blind spots in your central field of vision.
According to blurriness shown in a retinal image, blur level of retinal images can be classified into five grades [10].
In early stages, macular degeneration may not have symptoms, although with the progress of the disease it may have symptoms such as deterioration in central vision or dark spot, and blurriness.
The standard was established in the 1920s, largely to sync film images with soundtracks, and is ill suited to action movies, where it can cause blurriness because the camera's shutter is open too long to keep up with the fast motion.
Videos recorded can be captured in 1080p and it has optical image stabilization to reduce blurriness from shaking and vibrations.
The author's goals in writing this book for executive management are to remove the blurriness by providing "crystal-clear definitions of IG and its concepts" and help readers ensure successful IG implementation in their organizations by providing "a high-level understanding of the drivers and benefits of IG," assistance in developing the business case for IG, and recommendations on "how to launch and manage an ongoing IG program." This goal is achieved in clear language and in just over 170 pages, providing the busy executive with a quick read of IG fundamentals and strategies.
The conception of selfhood that Bauman and Raud work with is risky since it can make for a kind of blurriness with common sense stereo-types of "good" character or "bad" fate (such as is found in the epigenetic movement today).
Without knowledge of photography and resolution, it may be hard for some to understand pixilation and dpi, but anyone can understand blurriness. While there are millions of photos on Google, they will most likely not print well from screen to paper.
In response, Flying Mojo argued that consumers may recognize the association of Purple Haze with Jimi Hendrix, and with psychedelic rock and the counterculture of the 1960s, and further that the mark may bring to mind a purple, psychedelic vapor or a mental state of blurriness and confusion.
Reagan was a master of willed blurriness. Even his beloved wife Nancy acknowledged, "There's a wall around him.
But without enough aperture, high power just magnifies blurriness.