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By incorporating Real Photo Technology, the FinePix E900 can also achieve higher shutter speeds that minimize blurriness in photos at ISO equivalent settings as high as 800.
Like other so-called adaptive-optics systems, the device installed on the Gemini North Telescope atop Hawaii's Mauna Kea reduces blurriness by using a flexible mirror whose computer-controlled shape changes 1,000 times per second to compensate for Earth's turbulent atmosphere.
Currently, aging astronauts with presbyopia use single vision reading glasses, bifocals, trifocals or progressive glasses in space, all of which have inherent drawbacks - distortion, blurriness, limited field of view and restricted depth of focus.
In addition, the patient was diagnosed as having uveitis from an ocular examination which followed complaints of stinging, pain, and blurriness in the left eye, and appropriate treatment was initiated.
Ryan brings the blurriness of Romney's policy proposals into focus.
As I faced more blurriness, nerves began to overtake my excitement.
Point out that the "painterly," or loose, brush style creates a blurriness that produces a sense of movement to the human eye.
He had a lack of vision down one side and a bit of blurriness as well so he's got concussion.
So it was all about trying to attain this wonky balance of sharpness and blurriness.
A recent example of this blurriness is a discovery by a group led by Stanley Hazen of the Cleveland Clinic's Department of Cell Biology.
Temporary blurriness suggests your blood sugar is not always controlled.
In short, in practice South Africa is trying to pursue a nice foreign policy amid the diffusion and blurriness, keeping everybody happy and trying to please all states all of the time.