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The detection error lets those noise-free pixels undergo undesirable filtering operation, which may cause image blurriness.
A 62 year-old Caucasian male with no prior medical history presented to the emergency department for sudden, painless blurriness of his left eye.
The bottom line here, in my view, is to appreciate and respect the inherent blurriness of these boundaries without it leading to clinical paralysis.
Dominic: The other thing we're interested in is the relationship between the cultural sector and the commercial sector, and the increasing blurriness between those two things that results in a lot of positive outcomes--like when you have collaborations between art and fashion.
Olivar Riaudel illuminates the blurriness in the relationship between faith and reason, arguing that such a sharp distinction does not reflect the inner life of the believer, and the two rather "coexist in a single territoiy" (p.
Apart from that pupils also dilate which can lead to blurriness.
The main reason for the mistakes, the subjects stated, was the sharp and strong feeling of the texture and the blurriness of the borderline, which was not sharp enough to determine the form of the ornaments and jewelry.
These tiny thumbnails turned out to be amazingly good for identifying people despite the blurriness.
User can also have full control over its position, size, rotation, opacity, colour, shadow colour, shadow offset, shadow blurriness, and fonts.
The blurriness in the Chinese policy on Afghanistan can be attributed to this particular beneficial aspect.
The Cabinet has given more incomplete figures to add to the blurriness of the picture," the report read.
Symptoms: headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, blurriness, muscle cramps, hypotension, blood-stained urine, vomiting associated with mouth bleeding, bluishness, endodermal bleeding and sudden coma.