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It is known that commonly the location of the maximum of the blurry image should correspond to the center of the fluorescent target.
Pacquiao also experienced blurry vision after his one-sided win over Adrien Broner last January, caused by a loose tape on Broner's glove that had scratched Pacquiao's cornea on his left eye.
(Everything was blurry because I look up to him as an artist.
He, therefore, advised that people who have Diabetes 'should make sure that they have their eyes checked, so that we would be able to detect and do surgery or retinal detachment, so that your vision does not get blurry.'
"It was only when we flew back to England and when I was looking at the photos that I noticed something blurry.
Summary: The blurry footage shows him pulling the girl back to safety in the nick of time.
As reported on TVBS, the actor, who shared a blurry photo of Cody on Instagram recently, revealed that they have now agreed to give their son the Chinese name Yu Chun Jian, adding that it was lyricist Wyman Wong who helped them pick the name.
Inspired by the human eye, researchers have developed an adaptive metalens -- essentially a flat, electronically controlled artificial eye -- that automatically stretches to simultaneously focus and correct several factors that contribute to blurry images.
'Amblyopia arises during early childhood when one or both eyes send blurry images to the brain.
Q I've had blurry vision for the last few weeks--what might be causing this?
Walking a thin and blurry line between apocalypse and fairy tale, Sophie La Belle and the Miniature Cities is a book that both defies classification and demands multiple reads to appreciate its many facets.