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Blur were supposed to headline the Australian-New Zealand music festival in January, but announced the cancellation of their BDO appearance in November, blaming the organisers for their "constantly shifting goalposts and challenging conditions.
This technique is called panning--it retains detail in the moving figures yet blurs the background.
Coupled with the overall precision, blurs and accidental details lend the pictures a touch of unreality, signaling an eruption of another dimension of experience.
Here, the projection setup allowed one to go deeper into the image, indefinitely: If this low-tech horror film keeps the viewer at a distance, the reconstructed decor absorbs and blurs the borders between reality and fiction.
The scattering, which is weaker at shorter radio wave lengths, blurs the image of the radio-wave source, known as Sagittarius A*, that surrounds the black hole.
One method attacks the most serious problem encountered in trying to discern faint objects--our planet's turbulent atmosphere, which blurs telescopic images.
The curving, spiritualized space is capacious, spooky, and permeable: the fish-eye viewpoint encompasses an enormous field of vision and blurs the boundaries between objects and people.
Turbulence in Earth's atmosphere blurs images of the sun, limiting the resolution of observations from ground-based telescopes.
The atmospheric turbulence that adds a twinkle to a star's appearance also blurs the stellar images produced by ground-based astronomical telescopes.