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So where would Jace go if he actually had VR glasses and what's the craziest thing he's blurted out IRL?
The victim blurted out to the operator: "There's blood everywhere
Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter, then blurted out an intriguing name: Conor McGregor.
before could him blurted that a doctor Ollie "Jim and I were looking in a shop window and when we turned round there was Dave lying in the middle of the road with a fella bending over him.
Viola, 15 WE'VE all had moments when we've blurted out our friends' secrets and ended up upsetting them.
SUNDERLAND have to change the security code at their training ground - after midfielder Jack Colback blurted out that it is 1973, the last time they won a trophy.
Experts from the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) looked at assessments of 12,251 schoolchildren in England and found there was a nine-month advantage in reading and maths for those who continuously blurted out answers, compared with those pupils who never did but had similar levels of inattention.
London, July 30 (ANI): Crystal Harris has apologised for publicly sharing details of her sex life with ex-fiance Hugh Hefner, claiming that she was not prepared and just blurted out things while answering questions on a radio show.
She said: "When the doctor realised the significance of what it meant, she just blurted out 'Oh my God'.
The buzz phrase being blurted forth in fundraising circles and used liberally during the recent National Committee on Planned Giving conference is "mega gift.
He blurted out his secret while wife Judy Finnigan frantically tried to shut the TV presenter up.