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His delicate intonations would not work, and he could only blurt out that the five thousand pounds would mean a great deal of bother for him personally.
"But I'll stand my watch on board hereafter," I blurted out a moment later.
Konstantin Levin felt himself morally pinned against a wall, and so he got hot, and unconsciously blurted out the chief cause of his indifference to public business.
You heard me say that everything was to be settled today at Nastasia Philipovna's, and you went and blurted it out here.
Don't you think he 'd rather have it told him nicely by you, than blurted out as I always do blurt things?"
`You've been just awfully good to me, Lena,' I blurted.
Imagine him weeping as he stares down at his slimy ancestor and blurts: "If Princess Diana were alive to see this she'd be amazed to know there were so many worms beneath her rock." TV gold guaranteed.
Meanwhile, Summer blurts out the news of Tash's 'pregnancy', and it's the talk of the school.
Gilly blurts out his feelings for Sarah, Darren finds a new client to promote, Sasha is startled by a visitor at her mother's grave and Dom, the oldest virgin in town, tries to chat up Tina.
Asked what Buick stands for today, Shannon pauses for a few surprising seconds and then blurts out: "We're an American alternative to overpriced import sedans." Now onto the next question: How do you get a Lexus owner to consider walking into a Buick showroom, to say nothing of actually signing on the bottom line?
Meanwhile, even he knows that he and intellectual, humorless Grace are ill matched; when he blurts out that he loves her, he's left "feeling barefoot surrounded by broken glass." When she finally breaks up with him, he realizes that "I gave my heart away to somebody who never wanted it." Salvation lays in Colt's unlikely but growing friendship with a new classmate, a forthright girl with green hair who sees through his tough-guy facade and tutors him in English.
"There was actually a connection between the co-pilot and Zacarias Moussaoui," he blurts excitedly.