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To make caring for hair easier for clients this summer, Orange Blush is introducing three package deals at special prices.
Jacket PS135, Blush, dress PS295, Phase Eight at Debenhams, CastleCourt
For a flattering look, feel along the side of your cheekbone for where it curves: this is the spot to apply blush.
Take your time to look through the lastest styles on the current Blush Prom website.
Blush, which was formerly hairdresser Herbert's short lived Champu bar, is a welcome little haven away from the more brash delights of Mathew Street and Victoria Street.
Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Blush in Sunset Pink (pounds 23) Verdict: Powder is very pink so needs to be used sparingly to avoid bright cheeks.
It's virtually impossible to do so--attempting to blush can actually stop you from turning redder than a beet.
Ernest & Julio Gallo, the UK's best loved Californian wine brand, is teaming up with The Birmingham Post to give one lucky reader and five friends the chance to be blushing beauties this summer with a unique Blush Makeover Party.
A LEARNING to control your anxiety will help as the fear that you're going to blush only makes it worse - but that's easier said than done, I know.
Barely pausing to draw breath since the launch of his signature scent Marc Jacobs, the New Yorker has already hit the market with a new fragrance -- Blush.
Enjoy a little Mediterranean sunshine with limited edition Tropicana Pure Premium Mediterranean Blush Fruit Juice.
You can't make yourself blush and you usually only blush in company.