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He said: "The SNP can run and they can even bluster but they cannot forever hide.
The original G-7 countries are straining to divine the motivations behind Moscow's recently ratcheted-up nationalist bluster.
Pete Rose holds the world record for maintaining this bluster in the face of overwhelming evidence, but even he eventually caved in a tell-all bio.
Mr Davis said: "Headline-grabbing initiatives, spin and bluster were never going to solve the problem: now they are not even going to be believed by the public.
Tom DeLay (R-Texas), Phyllis Schlafly, Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, TV preacher Rod Parsley and a string of panel discussions, it was hard to come away not thinking that despite all the bluster and overwrought rhetoric, the conference was nothing but a thinly veiled effort to rally so-called "values voters" on behalf of the Republican Party for the approaching elections and bolster Scarborough's national profile.
Naaman's bluster, his mountain of goods, his status and power, always indict me.
Canadians sat by and watched, embarrassed yet again by a Liberal Government so in thrall to its innate, visceral anti-Americanism that its response--when finally it came--seemed tepid by comparison to Prime Minister Martin's bluster after the recent Asian tsunami disaster.
At a time when terrorism fears run high and Republicans have won elections on national security bluster, the PATRIOT Act is less and less popular among voters and politicians, becoming the most galvanizing legislation for civil liberties activists since the Sedition Act of 1918.
Now, the question is whether Schwarzenegger can make the transition from a cartoon-like character, all swagger and bluster, into a political leader capable of using his fame and considerable charm to achieve something lasting and meaningful.
Bluster and Fluba-Dub as well as such on-camera characters as Pierre the Chef.
If responses to questions are self-assured, they will be judged as evidence of outstanding character; on the other hand, if the candidate creates an unfavorable first impression, those same self-assured responses will be interpreted as evidence of arrogance and bluster.
Two video-based pieces here were replete with pointed reminders of the many tender vulnerabilities of the teenage years, suggesting the relentless to-and-fro of awkwardness and bluster, adult and child, jammed into the same charged body.