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HAS Simon Cowell taken a wee trip to the Planet Louis Walsh - that peculiar land of inane drivel and blustering hyperbole?
This classic Oscar Wilde tale spins the Otis family through a maze of dithering maids, blustering bosses and an English real estate agent who's always looking for a free lunch.
BIRMINGHAM CITY have done some blustering about Gary Cahill snubbing them to sign for Bolton instead.
Corporal Rudy Spruance (Biggs) is mistakenly dispatched to Greenland, rather than his intended posting in Hawaii, and blustering base commander Corporal Lane Woolwrap (Jeremy Northam) immediately presumes him to be a missing new recruit called Martin Pederson.
He came blustering on the stage like Groucho Marx, and he maintained his sardonic bearing throughout the show.
All the blustering of Cameron and his wrecking-crew will then count for nothing with the voters.
Blustering Santa Ana winds often huff into December, though the year before last they roared into February.
IT'S clearly not easy getting out of your limo when you've got a sore knee and it's not made any easier when you have to battle against blustering winds, too.
Taiwan and China are blustering at each other, Israel and the Arab nations remain tense and India and Pakistan - where President Clinton traveled this week - are still at each other's throats nearly 53 years after independence.