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In the blusterous wind and the great dark water Our ship went drifting on the sea, Her headgear gone, and her rudder broken, Which brought us to extremity.
While Burgoyne chased the escaping rebel fleet down Lake Champlain, Sherwood hatched another successful scheme and rescued his captured men: he kidnapped several of the more blusterous rebel leaders and arranged for a prisoner exchange with Seth Warner.
Wednesday is 'Windsday' because it is so blustery outside and Pooh sets out to wish everyone 'a happy Windsday', whereas in the book Pooh and Piglet actually set out to 'wish everybody a Very Happy Thursday' (Milne 1928), and it's not a blustery day but a 'very Blusterous day' (Milne 1928).
Robert Austin, who plays Jack's blusterous father, Sir Anthony Absolute, was a member of the cast of the Alan Ayckbourn trilogy Damsels in Distress which opened the Gala Theatre.
Buchanan, the blusterous pundit and failed presidential candidate, stunned the nation with perhaps the most bilious political speech since the days of George Wallace.