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Heavy and blustery showers will affect most areas during the first part of the night but they will pull back to southern and western coasts by morning.
* Blustery conditions across Wales are set to continue and North Wales is set for extreme winds
The star of Sex In The City got caught out by the blustery conditions and had to make a few adjustments to her skimpy clothing during the event in New York's Fifth Avenue.
A blustery wind made life difficult for both sides, but Blackpool boss McMahon admitted that the conditions reminded him of home.
NEITHER side managed to harness the wind potential at blustery Palmerston.
"Severe winds will affect parts of Scotland, but it will generate strong and blustery winds over Ireland also.
A Met Office spokesman said: "Monday should get off to a bright but blustery start and through the morning blustery showers, with some heavy.
Under-9s TJFA North Riding Division 1 Boro Rangers ..................1 Kader FC .........................2 IN BLUSTERY conditions but on a great playing surface, Owen Sowerby of Kader opened the scoring after five minutes after good build-up play from Max Taylor.
"Further showers, some blustery or thundery, are forecast for tomorrow.
OCEAN'S FANTASY ONCE more on dreamer's beach, A walk barefoot in bygone days, Past and present within reach, Tomorrow only a distant haze, Tide is ebb and flow, blue sky, Gulls sky-diving in white sea, Its blueness retreating searching, Seeking life's very immortality, Timeless moments, horizon, wind, Cooling, spraying blustery, salted air, Sand sweeping, blowing, weeping, Upon beauty here, beyond compare, Freedom, silence, nature's feast, As some entrancing mermaid dancer, This nightly stroll, a winsome soul, Beyond earth?
COASTAL DELIGHT A blustery spring day saw reader Dorothy MacDonald walk from Coldingham towards the coast and the path down to St Abbs in Berwickshire, where she took this photograph..
FEW people choose to get on ferries during bleak and blustery November, which means short breaks linked to ferries are cheap at this time of year.