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When we were putting down the schedule for the Games we were aware that there were 20 to 30 per cent chances of the weather turning blustery with strong winds sweeping in.
It said: "A blustery weekend is expected across much of the UK but particularly on Sunday across Northern Ireland, Wales, England and parts of southern Scotland, where severe gales are expected to affect some areas.
Temperatures drop on a blustery day, night time not long to fall.
A Met Eireann forecaster revealed: "It will be very blustery on Tuesday but by Wednesday just moderate southwesterly breezes will remain.
LEADING THE WAY: Holme Valley Wheelers' 12-year-old prodigy Joe Williams in action PLEASANT SURPRISE: Young Wheeler Samantha Mannion surprised herself with a personal best ride on a blustery day - not normally conditions suitable for 'PB' rides ( MOTHER: Disappointed Wheeler Rachael Mellor - long distance training may have affected her short race speed DAUGHTER: Amira Mellor suffered in the strong winds, which always affect the lighter riders BEST RIDE: Steve Rimmer was the Wheelers' top performer on the day.
This won't help efforts to clear trees because it still is quite blustery.
Goya: Mastered the blustery conditions; McGrane: Irish ace three shots off pace
With forecasters predicting blustery winds and showers for much of the UK, and many children on half-term next week, about 2.
More than 500 structures, some more than 125 years old, creak, bend and break in the blustery winds of the High Sierra near the California-Nevada border.
99) tells of a tiny wild duck who lives in a hotel: it's up to Edward the owner to convince the blustery hotel manager the duck has value on his establishment.
And his insufficiency makes Michael Cerveris as John Wilkes Booth look bad and blustery in their climactic encounter.
ON A BLUSTERY winter morning, Gail Holland walks gingerly through hardened snow on a Toronto street.