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The Mayor signed the executive order after the alleged voyeur, identified as Noe Nodalo, was accused of concealing a camera inside the bathroom of his dormitory by one of his female boarders in Sampaloc, Manila.
This, after a 69-year-old landlord, Noe Nodalo, was caught taking videos of a female boarder inside a bathroom using a hidden camera.
The meeting directed all the chief secretaries of the provinces to present more recommendations on the matter while it was also decided to install modern equipment at boarders for better surveillance.
Established in 1923, the school currently has more than 400 students, comprised predominantly of day students as well as boarders from more than 16 countries.
Guide Dog's trainer in Great Ayton urgently needs boarders in that area to care for dogs in training for up to 12 weeks.
"Boarders look after the dogs in advanced training for around 10 weeks at a time and we are looking for boarders close to Kircudbright and Dumfries.
class="MsoNormalThe three girls, two boarders and a day scholar, at Rise and Shine Primary School were taken from the boarding institution in Nyali by a boda boda rider on Wednesday.
In many cultures private schools and boarders go hand in hand.
Rasool added in a statement, Iraqi army's main objective is to protect Iraq's sovereignty, and defend its boarders from any threat, mainly from the Syrian boarders to block any IS fighter from crossing into Iraq.
ONE of North Wales's oldest private boarding schools is set to become a day school as governors blame the current economic climate for the drop in boarders.
He and his boarder were not able to salvage things from his house, and neither did the boarders of the other houses.
That explains why the handful of permanent boarders currently staying at Kingsmead are all welcome guests to the UK.