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Bathing facilities at the boarding house are a particular cause for concern, described as "unsatisfactory and unsafe".
The Boarding House is a pub that serves exceptional food in stylish surroundings, striving to retain a community vibe around the bar while reaching out to become a destination of choice for a wider base of diners.
I came to know about this boarding house, as I was entrusted with the task of evaluating it at the initiative of the SSpS sisters.
Ardager boarding house works in Bishkek since 1996.
In the lawsuit, the city is seeking a hearing on a preliminary injunction ordering the owners to cease operation of the boarding house and remove all occupants.
"I remember the boarding house as a big, busy place."
"Get ready for some spooky fun with your friends from ZJ Boarding House at our 4th annual 'Haunted Heats' Halloween costume surf contest on Saturday October 27th.
This project aims at increasing competencies and employment of people in rural areas (targeted at administrators of tourist boarding houses, chefs, waiters, chambermaids).
A 17-year-old sustained a minor cut to his arm from a craft knife after a fight broke out in one of the boarding houses at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire.
Birmingham agents John Dillon and Michael Sutton provided their services for the acquisition and conversion of Knarsboro House from a large selfcontained office building to a fully operational mixed boarding house for Bromsgrove School.
* Permanent financing of $900,000 for the refinancing of a three-story boarding house for individuals coming out of addiction programs in Irvington, N.J.
As JAG he presided over the trials of Mary Surratt and those who frequented her boarding house as well as that of Henry Wirtz, Commandant of Andersonville.