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However when the Yemeni community first arrived they struggled to find accommodation and so set up their own boarding houses, which are among the most photographed emblems of those early years of migration.
Ardager boarding house works in Bishkek since 1996.
In the lawsuit, the city is seeking a hearing on a preliminary injunction ordering the owners to cease operation of the boarding house and remove all occupants.
I remember the boarding house as a big, busy place.
A year on from unveiling Holmes, a state-of-the-art Lower Sixth House, Maddock, the new Junior Boarding House is now home to over 70 girls aged 11-16.
Potter boarding house will be the largest House in School accommodating 85 students and is named after Christopher Potter, Headmaster of Old Swinford Hospital from 1978-2001.
The other boys in the boarding house have been told of the incident and were being reassured by staff today.
A group of 13 Ohio clergy is asking the Internal Revenue Service to investigate a Washington boarding house, used by conservative members of Congress, that claims a tax exemption as a church.
It is in creating these sometimes dense scribbles and human outlines, along with selecting sculptural props to appear in the compositions, that the boarding house residents participate actively in Ballen's project.
The title refers to a boarding house where the landlady preserves the frontal lobes of former guests in jars around the building, a scenario that confirms Gerdes's connections with the Bizarro school of fiction.
He said yesterday he was living in a boarding house in Manila.
Shumak's Boarding House is the wry story of widow Mary Shumak and the seven boarders in her ragtag Pennsylvania house.