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Gamber's study features a wealth of details about the generally unpleasant work that went into running a boardinghouse, from shopping to cooking to caring for sick boarders, as well as the shifting cultural meaning of domestic labor.
Bynum suggests immediately that he needs to talk to the "People Finder," while Seth tells Bertha that he knows who Loomis is looking for, as he could detect the familiar features of Martha Pentecost, who once stayed in the boardinghouse, in Loomis' daughter, Zonia.
1914), a merchant, property owner in neighboring towns, and restaurant owner, moved to Tonopah and purchased a lot on Main Street on which he and his partner, Billy Ford, built the Barnum Restaurant, which he advertised in the Bonanza as a restaurant and boardinghouse in 1901.
Chain's boardinghouse on Locust Street and formed a lifelong friendship on the spot with dear Charlie.
Through his underworld connections, he gets a room in the boardinghouse of a widow who falls for him and eventually becomes his lover.
In fact, there was somebody named Mary Jones in Denver in 1893, Gorn tells us, in a "female boardinghouse.
The migration of its original residents to other neighbourhoods and the arrival of European immigrants transformed the east end into a mixed single-family and boardinghouse area by the early 1900s.
O'Quinn has bridged the gap between the core retailers like Huntington Surf & Sport, ZJ's Boardinghouse and Sun Diego to high-end retailers like Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom's and world-famous trendsetting specialty boutiques like Lisa Kline and Fred Segal.
Day, who said he is a friend of several residents of the home, said it is used as a boardinghouse.
Contract notice: New boardinghouse campus izb - lv 501 - outdoor facilities including planting.