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Appallingly, at nauseam it continues lilting boastfully that it has found the key to peace in dialogue that its predecessors had had so demeaningly not.
Mamata had boastfully claimed on April 22 that the state administration was kept in the dark about the ponzi schemes of the Saradha chit fund.
He furthermore indicated boastfully that his regime assumed power by force and anyone longing for power has to resort to arms
A BOY racer whose girlfriend died when he crashed at high speed has bought a powerful new car he boastfully describes as a "beast".
They would say, not boastfully, Christ gives them such power as they seek to live in a faith-relationship with him.
I've burned out three hard drives," he said, boastfully.
Later he describes himself, rather boastfully, as tall, Welsh and well hung while adding later he wishes he was a few inches shorter, and wider and a bit blonder".
The military victory over the Warsaw Ghetto resisters was boastfully described in detail in Stroop's leather-bound report sent to Berlin, entitled Es gibt keinen judischen wolmbezirk in Warschau mehr
He prayed openly and boastfully, condemning the other man as the sinner he surely was.
Numerous bragging and swaggering supervillains have faced Static, most of whom are clearly more powerful than he, and boastfully macho about their intentions to beat him up.
The Reason Foundation boastfully proclaims that it is cheaper to accommodate ``new'' transit trips by buying buses rather than by building rail lines.
And boastfully they have owning up all these acts of mayhem.