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Studies have shown that boasting, or what psychologists euphemistically call a form of self-enhancement produces interesting effects.
The devices are small, boasting of dimensions of 1.4-inches x 7.1-inches x 7-inches.
The 50-year-old grandmother, who would not be named, said: "My daughter's ex-partner was boasting but he's never worked a day in his life.
Man of the moment Thorn Browne welcomed his Tribeca store at 100 Hudson Street, boasting classic menswear and made to measure.
Team Beaumont is an integrated staff boasting Active Duty, Reservist, and Civilian counterparts.
Despite boasting state-of-the-art systems and software providers, the country has not been able to export, its know-bow or products to many markets beyond its vast borders.
The theme of this impressive volume focuses on the meaning of "boasting" in Romans 2:17, 23; 4:2; 5:2, 11.
* Boasting through the use of superlatives If a camp were to proclaim itself, "The best summer experience a child can have," the reader is entitled to respond by demanding, "Prove it!" While the goal of good promotion does allow the advertiser to boast about the product or service--that boasting must be fortified with reasons in order for the reader to believe the claim.
Boasting the longest battery life on the market (up to 16 hours), the Scribbler is also available with a $99 battery upgrade that powers the product for a full day/night.
He identifies two modes of liturgy, the "pathos of glory" and the "pathos of shakenness"--public boasting and public honesty.
Hotels boasting tropical themes, mini-versions of Venetian canals, and the largest pyramid outside of Egypt have all popped up along Las Vegas Boulevard within the last few years.