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Sri Lankan diplomacy has been in overdrive as boatloads of refugees have criss-crossed the high seas, but calls to turn the ships back and allegations that they are part of a professional human smuggling operation have largely fallen on deaf ears.
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd telephoned Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono over the weekend in an attempt to divert a boatload of Sri Lankan asylum seekers bound for Australia, local media reported Tuesday.
Also, there are boatloads of software packages that can not only backup and archive your data but can now intelligently move data off your disk drives to tape so that your system can run at optimum efficiency.
Her response: re-evaluate her relationship and munch boatloads of parsley in an attempt to induce a homeopathic abortion.
TERRORISTS could sneak into Australia among boatloads of asylum seekers, prime minister John Howard hinted today, as the government and the opposition faced growing criticism over their harsh stance on refugees.
Since the Journal article appeared back in April, this phenomenon has actually become more prevalent, as companies going public seem determined to provide investors with boatloads of information about the risks and potential difficulties these companies could encounter in the months and years ahead.
To stay above water, these pioneers built up the islands with boatloads of sand.
When boatloads of Greek, Italian, and Jewish people arrived on American shores around the turn of the century, they didn't all embrace each other like long-lost cousins.
callousness toward ordinary Haitians culminated in the Clinton Administration's policy of forcibly returning boatloads of fleeing refugees to the island.
Constituted of dialogues, and aphorisms ("One bottle of Coca-Cola contains more spiritual microbes than all the boatloads of Marx and Engels"), and a protracted postcoital dream (in which Tintin sheds his last vestiges of heroism and settles down to a long unhappy cuckold's life), the plotless, uninflected narrative drones on and on, like a tedious lecture in a hot classroom.
Impressed, Moscow began importing boatloads of the tasty nuts and made them an officially endorsed snack food in the USSR's anti-alcoholism campaign.
Looking at the web portal, I can see you guys are stopping boatloads of contaminated messages for us.