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One of the opportunities Bode talks about is the fact he can now call Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest and Sharon Stone fans.
Researchers performed a retrospective analysis of survival according to the BODE score for 4,000 COPD patients in the United Network Organ Sharing database of lung transplant candidates.
The Bode Museum has one of the world's largest coin collections with more than 540,000 items.
Different multidimensional system indices, BODE, DOSE and ADO were compared using Receiver operator characteristic curve.
As Bode looked at the changes taking place in education, he thought the reforms moved in one of two main directions.
Join Bode and his friends as they take on the task of conquering fears and finding happiness.
Bode Technology and its division Chromosomal Labs will provide specialised forensic DNA analysis, proprietary DNA collection products and relationship testing to an international market in combination with LabCorp's US- and UK-based DNA Identity and Cellmark Forensics businesses, part of LabCorp's Specialty Testing Group.
Bode has spent 27 years in real estate, primarily in the commercial arena, and was one of four Principals who formed ROCK Commercial Real Estate in 2001.
Boardman Trustees to acquire all of the issued and outstanding equity interests of Bode Gravel Co.
hearts Marian Kello 7 Kept his concentration to touch second-half Bode header on to the bar and denied the same player with fine save when through on a one on one.
Robert Bode, 54, was charged with wounding his elderly parents Arthur and Elizabeth Bode with intent to cause them grievous bodily harm, following the incident at their home in Hillside Drive, Solihull, in July.
William Bode, now the divisional commander of the Massachusetts division of the Salvation Army, has disaffiliated with a local chapter of United Way.