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Bode is the grandson of a Christian king and the son of a Yoruba chief, Joseph Lawal.
The men in Bode's family had always gone to university to study civil engineering but Bode knew he wasn't cut out for that.
Bode studied performing arts at university in Nigeria and it was from there he went on to dancing with Nigeria's national dance troupe, winning the Ministry of Culture's Dancer of the Year award in 1985.
He was dancing with the troupe, starring in a TV soap and producing dance pieces for TV but still Bode felt there was more he had to achieve.
In England Bode managed to get funding to set up his own dance troupe and phoned his dad to break the news.
Bode is keen to recognise the people who have supported him along the way.
It was through financial support from the Arts Council in London Bode was able to develop the troupe as an international concern.
In 1990, Bode was asked to choreograph Macbeth for the Royal Shakespeare Company.
When I met this woman I was shocked," Bode recounts, "because I just used to dance to music.
The ease and low cost with which it can be implemented, its Internet-based ASP model, which reduces the need to build internal IT infrastructures, and its ability to allow for the exchange of information across diverse platforms and systems bode well for its widespread adoption by the medical community.
This increase in geographic distribution, coupled with the current on-going tests of the product at major restaurant chains, bode well for the future growth of revenue and earnings for Alpha Pro Tech's restaurant sales in 1998 and beyond.
Interest rate and dollar stabilization along with controlled inflation bode well for bonds in 1995,'' said Chalasani.