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The mismatch between sound and image, bodiless sound and voiceless body, not only expands cinematic space but also makes silence into an anticipated speech act.
Through ugly male bodies or bodiless characters, Abreu links homophobia, ugliness, and lack of corporeality to the dictatorship's ubiquitous body of violence and torture.
Both are troubled by what Berry calls "feckless, dainty, bodiless, brainless spirituality" They agree that spirituality is only real to the extent that it is attuned to the material world.
Accompanying these grim images are the sounds of sirens--not seductive mythological creatures, but electronic, bodiless emergency alarms.
Not made as finished pieces but rather as ways for him to observe one clay interacting with another, these open books are the perfect artefact of Writer's journey bodiless wings carrying the dust of their origins.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi forces have found a large number of bodiless heads and decapitated corpses in a mass grave in Bab Sumer region near Mosul, an Iraqi official disclosed on Wednesday.
uk THIS amazing piece of kit from Sony is effectively a bodiless DSLR camera, it takes 20.
flesh into a single cry, sleet of bodiless wings, a riven tongue of sky?
If the battle becomes too heated and too many characters thus dismembered, another shadow warrior will start to clean house by swishing all the headless bodies and bodiless heads off stage with the tip of his spear.
While the consuming voice is traditionally considered to be embodied, the floating voice is bodiless.
Though the prewar Conrad does not offer a method of restoring expressive power to bodiless voices, T.
But where, then, will these bodiless hollows lead us?